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Mercyful Fate
Genius band from Danmark. They play beautiful, while little satanic, songs, with a unique sound. And you must also add the beautiful King Diamond's voice here...
Recommendations: all, especially Melissa, Don't Break The Oath, The Beginning and Time

King Diamond
And here is King himself, along with his second band. Similar sound and genial lyrics.
Recommendations: all, especially Fatal Portrail, "Them" and Abigail

The Gathering
Great Dutch band playing, say, Gothic metal. Plus beautiful voice of Anneke van Giersbergen.
Recommendations: Mandylion, Nighttime Birds, Always

Good music is not only metal. Vanessa-Mae beautifully plays violin and is really worth listening.
Recommendations: all, especially The Violin Player

Believed to be the best black metal band by many people.
Recommendations: all, especially Anthems To The Welkin At Dusk and In The Nightside Eclipse

Another norwegian black metal classic.
Recommendations: all, especially Hvis lyset tar oss and Filosofem

Anna Maria Jopek
Magnificent artist mixing popular music with jazz. Great voice.
Recommendations: all

Tori Amos
Another non-metal artist on this list. Tori beautifully sings and plays piano in a rock manner. My recommendation.
Recommendations: all, especially Little Earthquakes and Under The Pink

Mylène Farmer
One of the best known french vocalists.
Recommendations: Anamorphosée, L'autre..., Innamoramento

The Corrs
Irish family band playing popular music with some pieces of folk.
Recommendations: Forgiven, Not Forgotten

Norwegian musician playing dark ambient music.
Recommendations: Crypt Of The Wizard, The Stargate

Lacuna Coil
Great metal-gothic band from Italy.
Recommendations: Lacuna Coil, In A Reverie

Great polish band playing gothic metal.
Recommendations: all, especially The Swan Princess

One of the best death metal bands of the world. And, of course, the vocalist, John Tardy, has the most deathly voice of the world.
Recommendations: all, especially Cause Of Death

Julita & Paula
Another example to prove that modern violin music can be excellent. Julita and Paula play classical music in new (often very heavy!) versions. My recommendation.
Recommendations: Julita & Paula

Stille Volk
French band playing a mixture of heavy alternative rock with folk music.
Recommendations: all

The best Polish band, plaing death metal. Vader is one of the very few Polish bands known (and popular!) outside Poland.
Recommendations: all, especially De Profundis

So called murder metal - twisted rock'n'roll-metal-grindcore songs about serial killers.
Recommendations: Sinister Slaughter

Linda Brava
Or really Linda Lampenius - one more, this time Finnish, violinist.
Recommendations: Linda Lampenius (very hard to get, though)

Techno-thrash from Canada. Nice music, interesting lyrics.
Recommendations: Nothingface, Dimension Hatröss

Secret Garden
Beautiful music inspired by, amongst others, norwegian and irish folk.
Recommendations: Songs From A Secret Garden

Nice thrash from Germany. Especially old LPs are worth listening.
Recommendations: Extreme Aggression, Coma of Souls

The Great Kat
Magnificent guitalist and violinist, playing her own kind of speed-metal.
Recommendations: Beethoven On Speed

And some more too...

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